I have a background in Pharmacy but with the passion of cooking and feeding others.

My love for food comes from my native motherland Africa. A continent perceived by others to be the poorest continent but still, no one goes hungry or starve because of the love and joy of sharing. Sharing with others brings some sort of fulfilment to my inner soul in ways I cannot explain.

I even get an exaggeration of that fulfilment when I cook food to share with friends and loved ones. Besides the enjoyment aspect of sharing food, I see the act of cooking and feeding others as a means to fulfil the need to survive. So, taking part in this project will be a channel for me to express happy moments, get connected to others and having a part to play in some very primal way in the community.

In unpresidential times like now due to COVID 19 a project like this will generate a sense of community togetherness, trust, and purpose. This will generate positive wellbeing in general with a decrease of depression and an increase in sense of happiness.

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