I am a qualified lawyer in Mexico and since living in England from 2005 and being so far away from authentic Mexican food, family and friends I have discovered that food is synonymous with affection, it is all about love, it is sentimental, it is pure passion which brings people together, in unity, creating a mesmerizing moment that we will all be able to look back on and keep in our memories with a smile.

Coming from a social justice background and being passionate and proud of traditional Mexican food I crated MILPA Bournemouth in 2016. It is a social – food project that aims to embrace the authentic flavours of Mexican food with awareness given to impacting positively on our local community and encouraging no food waste.

I have happily volunteered and worked with different local community organisations, participated in food demonstrations. I continue to sell gluten free corn tortillas and I have offered pop up experiences of Mexican food. My aim is to share and show traditional Mexican food.

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